Manage project efficiently

Project management is a methodological approach to achieve business objectives which include various phases like planning, initialization, execution, monitoring, closing and maintenance. Each phase requires proper communication and execution control by members to complete the project within scope and timeline.

TASK AVIATOR™ is a Project Management System which is designed to be user-friendly, accurate, informative and of highest professional standards to help its users to achieve their objectives on time. This project management system allows easy access from multiple team members and the users from anywhere in the world, at any time with full support and automatic and immediate synchronization. Never lose a detail again, have full process documentation of all actions, decisions, timelines and more at the touch of a finger.

Key features

  • Monitor projects, assist and advice on any project live from any active device available to the internet from anywhere.
  • Assign multiple levels of access authorization for team members, contractors, subcontractors, clients and more.
  • Projects can be divided and subdivided into phases and tasks.
  • Use the White Board feature to create visual, story book status reports for self, clients or Stakeholders.
  • Create project conversations and invite team members to discuss important facets of the project:
    • Invite/remove members as well as clients as a group of a specific portion of the project.
    • Easily invite the client to join in on important discussions.
    • Select options to show or hide details to various stakeholders.
  • Detailed project status can be easily seen, at a glance on the project dashboard.
  • Quickly and efficiently add attachments, documents, pictures, videos and more to any project.
  • Create categorized group lists to keep each team member up-to-date or provide documented authorizations for work assigned to individual tasks.
  • Add notes and reminders for yourself and for the team members to stay updated.