Time Sheet

Real time effort tracking

Every Project has a finite timeline and Scope-of-Work (SOW) which must be achieved. TASK AVIATOR™ project management system enables its users to efficiently make use of time by providing various useful features.

It helps in managing time for keeping the project and all associated tasks on schedule, without having to search through and organize piles of daily reports.

Key Features

  • Easy to add all details and create tasks.
  • Assign start and end dates for tasks.
  • Logical, quick view of all task status
  • Simple, immediate response methods available for overdue or rescheduled tasks.
  • Current project status is visible on dashboard to all associated, approved stakeholders.
  • Automate quotation, invoices and report generation to save time.
  • Easy to search required information in the project
  • Easy to have discussions or conversations in a project for a task and save time in communicating with team members.
  • Get notifications for events, tasks and conversations.
  • Hourly effort can be reported in the time sheet.