Contact management is the key for project communication between teams, clients and contractors.

Contacts are the keys for communication. Project management requires an effective communication among members and various stakeholders to achieve a common objective for company’s success. TASK AVIATOR™ provides an effective medium to manage all contacts at one place. The user can easily add, update and save all pertinent contact information such as names, contact types (client or team member) mail ids, and phone numbers, company address, company names, company URL of members, clients, administration and much more.

Key Features

  • Boost your productivity and security by having all your organization contacts in one place.
  • Store social networking information.
  • Easy color difference for clients and team members.
  • Easy to add contacts and easy to share among projects and team members.
  • Select contacts to make a group conversation.
  • Track history for documented, project related conversations.
  • User can create and invite contacts to a project or group.
  • Contacts management will help to manage all types of contacts at one place with their detailed information intact.
  • Project wise distribution of contacts list to members which means user can see only related or shared contacts.