A project carries a series of activities and events which make.

Immediate, at a glance overview of all projects and their status

Drill down to individual status, contacts, groups, graphs and recent activities

Calendar to show ongoing projects, tasks and events

Dash Board in Task Aviator shows complete picture of ongoing work. It helps to get all required details at a glance such as project progress, todays task, upcoming task and so many.

Interactive layout of screen have every data on finger tip. Task Aviator has tried to keep it easy to understand and represent the data in graphical format.

  • All Tasks details you can find on top to plan your day accordingly
  • Important key words like Project, Task and ongoing critical bugs/defects of projects gives you status.
  • Resource utilization is an important constraint to plan work force. This section is well organized using graph and pie chart to give complete details.
  • Project status will show progress of each project, a single click on project can take you to details to explain every aspect of that project.
  • Last but not least, Bugs graph shows all bugs depending upon their criticality and its progress