TASK AVIATOR™ an extremely proficient online project management tool that helps users to manage projects and keep a record of each activity.

TASK AVIATOR™ is one stop solution to all management needs. This multifarious software is designed and developed for any industry. It offers a user-friendly application with seamless accessibility to all key components.

TASK AVIATOR™ consists of:


  • Immediate, at a glance overview of all projects and their status
  • Drill down to individual status,graphs and recent activities
  • Calendar to show ongoing projects, tasks and events
  • Noticeboard

  • Broadcast the information across the dashboard
  • Information available at a single glance, easily differentiable with colors
  • Contact Management

  • Boost your productivity and security by having all your organization contacts at one place
  • Store Social Networking information
  • Visible color difference for Client and Team Members
  • Easy to add contacts and easy to share among Projects and Team Members
  • Groups can be formed for a documented, project related conversations
  • Group Management

  • Form a group for a selected Project.
  • Invite clients or associated contractors into any conversation.
  • Easily share text amongst group members, clients, and associated contractors.
  • The Project Manager or Administrator can define or edit a group as the project evolves.
  • Time Sheet

  • Add and track individual tasks such as: Project Status, Titles, Team Members, milestones and more
  • Each task is visible to assigned team members and the Project Manager
  • Easily add and store files, documents, drawings, technical support data, pictures and more in your task modules
  • Task status can be checked, commented on and approved by the Project Manager from any device, at any time and from anywhere in the world
  • Setting

  • time zone, category can be saved.
  • Know more about the purchased plan
  • Customized company settings, role & responsibilities
  • Provide user access to contacts.
  • Calendar

  • Standard Calendars with multiple project overlays available
  • All Events and Tasks with their defined timelines.
  • See Project Status Yearly, Monthly, Weekly or Day wise
  • Bug Tracker

  • Enter unlimited entries/bugs/issues
  • Enter details like Project Name, Start Date, End Date, Submitted By, Assigned To and screenshots
  • Send e-mail notification to users when new bugs are assigned or status changes.
  • Maintain priority for Bugs
  • Easy tracking of all bugs reported in the system
  • Invoices

  • Allows for accurate, timely billing
  • Add/ remove or modify templates as per requirements
  • Detailed documentation of the costs / incomes of a project
  • Estimate Management

  • Templates for automating the client's Estimate
  • An interactive and user friendly web interface to support Estimate generation
  • Easy steps to add or remove templates

    White board

  • A visual storyboard for all Projects
  • See every detail like Tasks, Team Members, Notes and more for a selected Project
  • Don't miss important assignments
  • Reports

  • Available reports for overdue, completed, active and deactivate project status
  • Provides only that substantial information to Managers and Clients as determined necessary or important by Administration
  • Generate Custom reports though flexible report building tools

Our Mobile App enables Users to manage Projects while on the move; it keeps track on everything with updated status.

TASK AVIATOR™ is a complete, user-friendly Package with an organized, easy to use support manual and Live Expert Support always just a click away.